Benefits of Putting Eyeshadow Under Your Eyes

Benefits of Putting Eyeshadow Under Your Eyes

We have all seen the Instagram models and fashion bloggers wearing bold eyeshadow makeup looks. We may think they are a bit much or too experimental, but did you know that adding eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes has its own set of benefits? It’s true! With just a few swipes of eye shadow brush, you can brighten up your entire face – making it look rejuvenated and awake. In this blog post, we will discuss why it might be worth trying to put eyeshadow under your lower lashes and its effects on skin tone and complexion. So if you want to discover new ways to spruce up your look in just a few minutes, then keep reading!

Why putting eyeshadow under your eye makes you look more awake

Eyeshadow can be used to create a multitude of makeup looks, from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic. Applying eyeshadow under the eyes is also a great way to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more awake. This technique helps to diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and gives you an overall energized appearance. For best results, use a creamy or powdery formula with medium coverage that won’t crease or smudge throughout the day. A neutral color palette consisting of shades such as taupe, light brown, grey, and peach is easy to blend and works well for this purpose. Just make sure that you choose colors that complement your skin tone. Start by applying the eyeshadow on top of the lash line and blend it out towards the crease of the lid. Then, apply one layer of eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes and blend outward to soften the edges. Finally, add a pop of color with a light shimmer shade applied just under the brow bone for added brightness. With this simple technique, you can look wide awake no matter how tired!

Easy tips for putting eyeshadow under your eyes

  1. Start by blending a light shimmery shade right under the lower lash line. This will help to brighten and open up your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.
  2. Apply a medium shade of eyeshadow slightly darker than the first one but still has lots of shimmer. This will help to add depth and definition to your eye makeup.
  3. Use an angled brush or fluffy crease brush to apply a matte or satin-finish dark eyeshadow along the outer corner of your lower lash line for further definition.
  4. If you have hooded eyelids, use a small pointed brush with your chosen shadow on the inner corner of your eye to lift and define.
  5. Take a blending brush and lightly blend all the shades for a seamless look.
  6. Finish off your look by adding mascara to your lower lashes, as this will help create even more definition and open up your eyes even further. You can also add eyeliner along the lower lash line if you wish.
  7. Set everything in place with a setting spray or powder, so it lasts all day long!